Quality Improvement

Walton Community Services Inc’s quality improvement initiative is established prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. At that time annual objectives that support program goals are established by the Board of Directors and the staff.


WALTON COMMUNITY SERVICES, Inc’s organizational goals are sufficiently broad to allow for modification of the personal care program in response to clients and community needs, yet specific enough to give direction to the program. The goals are reviewed annually. The objectives serve as performance measurements for the goals. They are designed to facilitate evaluation of the organization’s quarterly and annual achievements. The organization is structured and administered to achieve its goals and mission.

WCS carefully plans its activities by setting annual goals and objectives. The organization monitors its efficiency and effectiveness quarterly against those goals and objectives. It summarizes the results and review of the performance measures in the annual report.

Quality Improvement Enhancement

Walton Community Services, Inc. shall demonstrate the delivery of adequate and appropriate personal care services that are of the best quality, effective, efficient and that the provision of such services is achieved within available resources; performances and outcomes are routinely evaluated by the staff of Walton Community Services, Inc.

Performance Measures

Walton Community Services, Inc measures quality assurance within the following areas:

Continuous Quality Improvement Policy and Procedures

An annual review of the effectiveness of the program has and will continue to take place by the CQI Committee; an annual report will be made to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will review Community policies and procedures and the CQI Plan on an annual basis and authorize appropriate revisions after receiving the report of the committee.

Documentation of this activity will be recorded in the minutes of the Committee and Board of Directors. This report will be completed by the Compliance officer of the company, or other delegated persons. – View Policy and Procedures


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WCS has received CARF Accreditation for an additional three years.

CARF Survey Report 2012-2015
CARF Accreditation Letter 2012-2015